Whether it's a basic e-commerce platform for an independent boutique, or a custom-built solution for a PLC, GOAT create online stores that convert.

WordPress and WooCommerce

At the heart of our e-commerce design and development service lies a commitment to not only aesthetic excellence but, more importantly, to the overarching goal of elevating sales and bolstering profitability. For less complex online stores, we harness the dynamic duo of WordPress and WooCommerce, providing a powerful and versatile combination that can be modified extensively to cater to your specific needs. This combination allows us to create visually engaging, user-friendly, scalable online storefronts that effortlessly convert your visitors.

FREE No Obligation Web Design Concept

See how we translate your requirements without having to part with a single penny.

We recognise the challenge of selecting the ideal digital agency to bring your vision to life, which is why we help you eliminate the guesswork. If you’re busy planning a new website or online store, ask us for a FREE website design concept, and our talented studio will create an initial visual mockup from our agency perspective. It costs absolutely nothing and gives you a great insight into how our team interpret your web design brief, with no obligation.

Fully Bespoke Shopify Builds

For larger, more intricate e-commerce operations, we turn to Shopify, a platform renowned for its scalability and ease of use. Our liquid developers will tailor your Shopify store to your exact business needs, whether it’s a simple starter store or complex, fully bespoke e-commerce hub. With our strategic approach to customer journey planning, your online store will not only captivate but also drive tangible business growth, whilst reducing a range of manual tasks with automation.


Advanced e-Commerce using WooCommerce

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Custom Advanced/Plus+ Shopify Online Stores

Data-Led Online Store Design

GOAT craft unique customer journeys tailored to your specific target audience. By conducting in-depth research and analysis, we gain invaluable insights into the behaviours and preferences of your potential customers. Armed with this knowledge, we strategically design user experiences that guide visitors seamlessly from the moment they land on your site to the final conversion point. Whether it’s through intuitive UI, persuasive content, or a frictionless checkout, our e-commerce solutions are designed to increase basket value, maximise conversion, and grow your sales.

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