DEFRA Single-Use Plastic Ban

The Law Changed on 1st October

Starting on 1st October 2023, businesses operating in England are required to cease the supply, sale, or promotion of single-use plastic items. GOAT was entrusted by a collaborative agency to develop a simple, modern and instantly captivating website, aimed at effectively raising public awareness and delivering guidance to businesses in England, regarding the new law and ban on single-use plastics.

Awareness and Business Compliance

Due to the simplicity of how content has been structured within a single page scroller, the website has already begun to make an impact on public awareness and business compliance. The statistics are impressive. In the first month alone, the website received over 160,000 visits, with 72% of users finding the content to be both engaging and informative.

Respondent Feedback Results

Further feedback collected through user surveys demonstrates that an overwhelming 88% of respondents have found the website instrumental in understanding the ban on single-use plastics and how it impacts their businesses. GOAT are proud to be at the forefront of helping drive this crucial change, advising businesses in England on how to transition to more sustainable practices.


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