Bespoke Shopify Plus Build

Streamlined Internal Processes

In a recent partnership, GOAT undertook the design and development of a bespoke Shopify Plus store for a leading CCTV distributor. This ambitious project aimed to not only enhance the distributor’s online presence but also streamline their internal processes. The project involved creating an advanced trade registration system, a dynamic B2B pricing app, real-time stock monitoring, and seamless integration with their heavily customised CRM, distribution, and finance platforms.

B2B Registration & Pricing Module

The first challenge our team addressed was the need for a tailor-made trade registration system and a dynamic B2B pricing app. These components were essential to cater to the distributor’s unique business model, where pricing and access vary based on the customer’s role. Our custom development work ensured that the trade registration process was smooth and intuitive, offering an efficient way for qualified customers to access their specialised pricing. With real-time B2B pricing capabilities, customers can now enjoy a seamless and personalised shopping experience.

Unified Back-Office Ecosystem

To further elevate the platform, we implemented a real-time stock monitoring system. This feature ensures that customers have up-to-the-minute information on product availability, thus enhancing their shopping experience. Additionally, our team successfully integrated the new Shopify Plus store with the distributor’s internal CRM, warehousing, and finance platforms. This direct integration with Salesforce simplifies inventory management, order processing, and financial transactions, creating a unified ecosystem that significantly improves operational efficiency, data accuracy and user experience.


Advanced e-Commerce using WooCommerce

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Custom Advanced/Plus+ Shopify Online Stores

Data-Led Online Store Design

GOAT craft unique customer journeys tailored to your specific target audience. By conducting in-depth research and analysis, we gain invaluable insights into the behaviours and preferences of your potential customers. Armed with this knowledge, we strategically design user experiences that guide visitors seamlessly from the moment they land on your site to the final conversion point. Whether it’s through intuitive UI, persuasive content, or a frictionless checkout, our e-commerce solutions are designed to increase basket value, maximise conversion, and grow your sales.

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